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श्लिष्टा क्रिया कस्यचिदात्मसंस्था
संक्रान्तिरन्यस्य विशेषयुक्ता।
यस्योभयं साधु स शिक्षकाणां
धुरि प्रतिष्ठापयितव्य एव॥ (मालविकाग्निमित्रम् प्रथम. ॥16॥)


The nation is built by the citizens, citizens are mould by teachers and teachers are made by teacher educators. The national policy on education, 1986 has rightly stated "No people can rise above the level of its teachers" and good teachers can be produced only if we have a good teacher-education and dedicated and efficient teacher educators.

The department of education is one of the richest centres of learning & training that was established in 1983. Department is producing Sanskrit teachers not only for Rajasthan Govt. Secondary Schools but also Kendriya Vidyalayas and Schools of Delhi administration. Shiksha-Acharya (M.Ed.) course was introduced in 2007. Teacher's prime role is teaching. Often this goal is interpreted as exposition. Yet teachers can assume new roles: motivator, mediator, experimenter, counselor, diagnostician, evaluator, researcher, co-ordinator, supervisor, scholar and so on. Assuming such roles for Sanskrit teachers would require changes in the changed concept of educator.

The quality and character of our schools are dependent largely upon the quality and character of the teachers who staff them. Keeping in view these tasks attributed to the educator, Department of Shikshashastra of Jaipur Campus has evolved main focus on equipping the Sanskrit teacher educators with spoken Sanskrit skills, communication skills, soft skills and practical knowledge of new education technology.