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जैनदर्शन (jainadarśana)

परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम् ।।


Jain philosophy is one of the most important thinking traditions of India. It has its own realistic approach about the things and ideas. It has made manifold contributions to Indian culture through its unique tradition of the religion of non violence, non-possessiveness, the philosophy of multiple facets of reality and truth and unbroken line of numerous great works in Prakrit & Sanskrit. With the view of the above facts the teaching, study, Research and Understanding of the Jain religion and philosophy a department of Jain Darshan (Jainphilosphy) was started in the year 1987 in Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth Jaipur (Now known as Central Sanskrit University Jaipur-Campus). All the students passed out from this department are engaged in the different places in different positions

Name of the Faculty Designation Teaching Experiance Biodata
1. Prof.kamlesh Kumar Jain Professor & H.O.D 16 Years Click Here
2. Dr.Shruti Jain Guest Faculty (Asst. Prof. Grade) 01 Years Click Here