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सर्वदर्शन (sarvadarśana)

यदाभ्युदयिकं चैव नैश्रेयसिकमेव च।
सुखं साधयितुं मार्गं दर्शयेत् तद्धि दर्शनम्॥


Sarvadarshan contains all that a man is required to know as to the fundamental principles of different systems and a short glimpse of traditional discussion making use of all the logical instruments such as inferential argument. Fallacies tarka, Vada etc. is also found in it. A start of a system was made in the originating stage. eq. The Brahma Sutra, the Nyayasutra.

The system of studying different philosophies in different communities is very ancient and it is followed in present time also during the middle ages. In India, the system of all-inclusive sarvdarshan was established.

In it the studies of the fundamentals of all philosophies were included that the students can gain basic knowledge and benefit themselves.

It also helps to develop the interest of the students in the field of philosophy. In all Sanskrit universities Sarvadarshan (Philosophy) is taught as a subject and in Central Sanskrit University also this subject is taught right from its conception. In Jaipur campus department of Sarvadarshan was established in 2011.

Name of the Faculty Designation Total Teaching Experiance Biodata
1. Dr.Rani Dadhich Assistant Professor 3 Years Click Here
2. Dr. Chetan Kumar Guest Faculty (Asst. Prof. Grade) 03 Years Click Here
3. Dr.Sharoda Mukherjee Guest Faculty (Asst. Prof. Grade) -- Click Here
4. Dr.Santosh Kumar Acharya Guest Faculty (Asst. Prof. Grade) -- Click Here